About us

We understand the processes that drive the electronics industry

Since 1999, Perzeptron has been delivering consulting services to clients in the electronics industry supporting them in customer acquisition, purchasing, production control and more.

Order acquisition, purchasing and materials management in concert with production planning and control are much more than operating activities. Perzeptron advises and supports its clients in streamlining their internal processes in order to free up valuable time for big-picture strategies.

Key factors in this process are: implementing efficient workflows and establishing transparent knowledge and information management mechanisms.

Perzeptron guides its clients through the steps necessary to optimize internal processes, minimize costing and order lead times and increase their ability to meet demand with reduced capital commitment.

Our approach

Being successful in acquisition, purchasing and materials management as well as production planning and control takes both experience and a desire for continuous improvement. These business areas will be successful if employees are encouraged to use available opportunities for systematically analyzing relevant data and sharing their knowledge and expertise. These factors provide the necessary foundation that making smart decision requires.

This is where Perzeptron comes in. When evaluating if corporate workflows and decision-making mechanisms are appropriate and practicable, enlisting the opinion of experienced outsiders is always a good idea. That is why we specialize in advising and supporting our clients to promote intelligent self-management of sales, purchasing, production control and materials management activities as unbiased observers with profound industry expertise.

We are the catalyst for your success. Our industry-specific software and analysis tools give your decision-makers back the time they need for strategic planning. We identify and help eliminate communications barriers in order to accelerate your information, operating and production processes.

Why Perzeptron?

A “perceptron” (German: Perzeptron) is a model for neural networks. For us, “Perzeptron” is an expression of our nature and our mission.

Because systems thinking and cross-departmental networking and collaboration are essential drivers for success in any medium-sized company. This requires systematically leveraging internal and external resources and focusing on your strengths. And that means: Perzeptron.

Solutions for the Electronics Manufacturing Industry


Coordinate business operations in Materials Management


Procurement services covering everything from costing to order processing

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Identify business opportunities and risks

Perzeptron MiG

Full transparency for your materials management – quick and easy.