eCalc — effective costing calculations!

Improve costing procedures and increase closing ratios

Say goodbye to endless request-for-quotation loops and confusing quote comparisons: With eCalc, it’s easy to generate individual requests for quotation based on one or more bills of materials. Quotations received are automatically imported into the software. At the press of a button, you can identify the best quotations by price, delivery deadline and material surplus.

The ready-to-use eCalc MS Excel add-on simplifies your costing procedures, provides clear visibility of all quotations received and increases your closing ratio.


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Get quotes faster

with automated costing calculations

Stay organized

import quotations and compare them

Find the best offer at the press of a button

identify the best quotations by price, delivery deadline and material surplus

Simple to install and use

our intuitive MS Excel add-on

Costing in 6 quick and easy steps:

  1. Aggregate existing (itemized or summarized) bills of materials into a “master” bill of material.
  2. Analyze manufacturer and item groups. eCalc generates a suggested request for quotation, which can be adjusted to meet your requirements.
  3. Create a custom request for quotation for each supplier in Excel based on the suggested RFQ. Enclosures (Gerber data etc.) can be appended.
  4. Send the RFQ to the respective contact directly from eCalc, no separate e-mail tool needed.
  5. Evaluate the different quotations for price, delivery deadline and material surplus— switch between aggregated, subassembly level and component level views. A results overview displays all relevant values concerning quantities, individual materials costs, volumes, delivery deadlines and material surplus.
  6. Import the suppliers’ quotations, in fully automated or manual mode.

The result:
A costing overview which includes all relevant information and allows you to switch between aggregated, subassembly level and component level views.

  • Which items are cost drivers?
  • How quickly can the material be delivered according to the different quotations?
  • What is the material surplus (expressed in quantity and cost) resulting from the different packing units and minimum order quantities?
  • What is the relationship between individual materials costs and total volume (aggregated and at the subassembly level) with regard to price, delivery deadline and material surplus?

Streamline your processes for requesting and evaluating quotations from suppliers. Contact us to discuss how eCalc can help you give your business a boost.

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