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Comprehensive analyses help develop products in line with market requirements

Between 70 and 80 percent of production costs are determined during development by deciding on components and technologies to be used. These decisions have definite, and often irreversible, consequences. We know from experience that opportunities and risks inherent in the choice of components tend to be insufficiently understood.

Our expert reports analyze your products from all relevant strategic perspectives. Our goal is to use these findings to conduct a comprehensive risk and potential analysis. Because that is what it takes to develop products optimized to meet the requirements of the market. This means taking into account every component in life cycle risk assessments and conducting a comprehensive materials and manufacturing cost analysis.

Perzeptron expert reports

Key features

Our expert reports consist of four optional blocks:

  1. Potential analysis based on original components
  2. Potential analysis based on alternative components
  3. Life cycle risk assessment based on individual components
  4. Manufacturing cost analysis

From development to boom

When analyzing the opportunities and risks inherent in a given product, it makes the most sense to do it during development. However, comprehensive potential and risk assessments during later stages of a product’s life cycle can be just as useful. Sometimes they are the only way to make use of cost reduction opportunities and avoid unexpected costs for a potential redesign of the product.

Leverage our professional expertise

Perzeptron’s services offer the advantage of giving you empirical data based on objective comparisons. This data allows us to realistically compare prices and other metrics. That is why it makes the most sense to see our expert reports as strategic measures you can take to avoid mistakes in the first place instead of eliminating their effects, which tends to be much more expensive. Working closely with our clients, we are able to achieve long-term effects reducing costs along the entire value chain.

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