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“We deliver innovations in the manufacturing industry”

Thanks to our in-depth understanding of processes, we are not only recognized and established purchasing optimization consultants, but also software developers (supply chain optimization) and dedicated service providers. The trust and challenges of our customers motivate us to permanently expand our knowledge and develop new and effective solutions.

Our expertise is the result of a wide range of successful projects in all relevant industries with companies of all shapes and sizes.

Perzeptron GmbH is founded

Efficiency analysis is developed

Perzeptron GmbH started out purely as a consulting firm specializing in material cost optimization in the electronics industry. After gaining many years of experience in this industry, we soon started to provide costing services to some of our customers.

As we continued our consulting work, we expanded our portfolio to include purchasing optimization consulting services. But we soon realized there was more to internal supply chains than efficient purchasing.

In many cases, purchasing departments suffered and continue to suffer from upstream processes that were not completely in tune with their requirements. This prompted us to steer our consulting towards process optimization. We identified fundamental flaws in conventional ERP systems and set about developing our own ERP software add-on (MiG).

And we have now come full circle by developing our efficiency analysis, which analyzes and evaluates the entire planning process to lay the foundations for the sustainable, targeted and measurable further development of manufacturing companies.

Perzeptron GmbH’s milestones  

  1. Purchasing optimization consulting
  2. Costing services
  3. Development of our own ERP software add-on (MiG)
  4. Development of efficiency analysis

Perzeptron GmbH

Our history

Perzeptron GmbH can look back on an impressive history since it was founded in 1999. Our company has become one of the leading names in the industry through its dedication and continuous innovation.

Perzeptron - Beratungen zur Einkaufsoptimierung


Perzeptron GmbH is founded
Andreas Koch and Markus Renner are appointed as managing directors.

Einkaufsportal der Perzeptron gmbh


A purchasing portal is launched

A fully automated portal is released for creating and sending all inquiries and fully importing inquiries. Purchasing optimization consulting

Beratungsleistungen Einkaufsoptimierung


A concept is created for our eCalc costing software

We offer system support for importing and preparing BOMs, creating and sending inquiries, importing quotes and optimizing material costing.



Product evaluations are launched

We start to assess the opportunities and risks of newly developed products – potential material cost reductions for originals – and possible alternatives, as well as lifecycle risks.

MIG erste Version


MiG is released for the first time

Perzeptron presents MiG at the electronica trade fair. The innovative software solution enables the materials used in electronics manufacturing to be managed efficiently and transparently.

Bild über: Die Entwicklung der Effizienzanalyse


Availability checks are added to MiG
We expand our MiG software to include availability checks.

We continue to develop and optimize our solutions and gradually implement extended features and updates.

Bestandsoptimierung in MiG


Inventory optimization is added to MiG

We design and implement a customized software solution for inventory optimization in MiG, conducting extensive tests and introducing various enhancements to ensure seamless integration and optimal performance. We gradually introduce innovative new features based on evolving needs and user feedback.

Bild zum Thema: 2023 Integration einer BI-Technologie in MiG


BI technology is integrated into MiG

A sophisticated piece of BI technology is integrated into MiG, enabling advanced analytics and data-driven decision-making.

Customer View and OEM Edition are launched. Our efficiency analysis is fully developed. We provide an updated version of MiG for more efficient business processes and data-driven insights.

Perzeptron GmbH today
Specialists in supply chain optimization

Why our customers want to work with us!

We are no longer just a company. We are industry experts in consulting, software development and services. Our MiG software fixes some of the fundamental flaws in conventional ERP systems and focuses on speed, which is absolutely essential in today’s business world.

Based on MiG, we have now developed a system that can measure and evaluate the planning security of BOM-based manufacturing companies. This is what we call efficiency analysis . It’s an invaluable measurement, because it identifies the causes of below-par KPIs.

This innovative analysis will hit the market in early 2024, allowing you to optimize delivery performance, reduce tied-up capital, improve order lead times and streamline your entire company.

MiG - Optimize your Supply Chain

Maximise order processing efficiency, minimise capital commitment and create competitive advantages!

Discover MiG, our materials management software for ERP systems

Our efficiency analysis

Is your company directly affected by sub-optimal KPIs such as low delivery performance and excessive capital commitment?

Our efficiency analysis is the key to success

Ever since our company was founded, our actions have been shaped by our corporate philosophy, which forms the basis of our values!

As an experienced, family-run consulting firm, service provider and software developer, all of our thoughts and actions revolve around the continuous development of our customers. In all of our projects, we constantly strive to make our customers more competitive while setting industry standards. Our aim is to reduce their workload, giving them the freedom to deliver high-quality work with a focus on results.

We are committed to automating administrative processes in Germany and Europe, as we firmly believe that this can make a significant contribution to shaping a brighter future for the manufacturing industry.

We find it very important to measure the success of all of our projects to objectively assess the quality and impact of our work. We don’t want to bind our customers through contracts – we want to actually earn their loyalty through our performance and the benefits we offer.

Our working methods are characterized by constructive, honest feedback and a corporate culture in which we openly address mistakes. After all, we see mistakes and constructive criticism as an opportunity to continually improve.
Our business relationships are based on lo

Our business relationships are based on loyalty, mutual partnerships and trust. Our customers, employees and business partners can always expect us to be honest, fair, open, cooperative, transparent and reliable – with a focus on goals and results.

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