Efficient supply chain management program (ERP add-on) for companies in the manufacturing industry

Take your materials management and planning security to the next level!

Structure your supply chain with optimum results.
MiG creates long-term balance in your company’s entire order handling process.

See how much capital is tied up with each of your customers, provide insights into each customer’s order situation (Customer View), view your orders with each of your suppliers (OEM Edition) and see fully automated confirmations of forecast items!

There is no comparable software solution for ERP systems that bundles and visualizes all order data with such precision, efficiency and transparency. MiG is an efficient program for your supply -chain with comprehensive solutions for optimized and seamless supply chain management.

You can also solve problems at the touch of a button – and there is one communication platform for everyone involved and interested in an order.

MiG increases your planning quality!

Bild von: Das effizientes Supply Chain Programm (ERP-Add on) für Unternehmen in der Fertigungsindustrie

Can you measure your planning security?

MiG is completely redefining the way
companies handle their orders!

MiG is an indispensable piece of supply chain management software that makes every order, its factors and impacts manageable, plannable and profitable for your company. MiG lets you measure and specifically increase your planning security!

MiG leads to a drastic reduction in missing parts, a dramatic improvement in delivery performance, and increased productivity and efficiency. MiG can help you reduce your amount of tied-up capital and give your company a new sense of freedom.

Have you ever had problems finding consistency when it comes to handling, examining and evaluating your orders?

You probably know all about time-consuming research, communication breakdowns and constant attempts to solve the same old problems. Your everyday work will be shaped by the problems of today’s world, and the current market economy most likely gives you cause for concern.

These problems affect the vast majority of manufacturing companies!

But what if we were able to identify and solve tomorrow’s problems today? That’s our dream. That’s our goal. And that’s what makes MiG an indispensable supply chain management program!

We don’t make promises. We make guarantees!

MiG s not an option. It is a must-have piece of software for supply chain management in manufacturing companies!

MiG – Optimize your Supply Chain! You have questions. We have the answers! MiG is an efficient supply chain management program!

MiG creates transparency, efficiency and control to make your planning quality fit for the future!

Let’s look ahead… We are giving your company the opportunity to clear up the past, plan for the present and take your future order handling to a whole new level. You have the data. MiG will make it transparent.

MiG has all the answers to questions from customers, suppliers, sales, production and purchasing. Whether you have 900 or 90,000 production orders, MiG provides detailed information on each and every one of them – and each and every item they contain – and lets you control each and every process.


MiG is the central nervous system, visualized as an ECG for the seamless and effective optimization of your entire supply chain!

Why is that? Because we know there is much more to internal supply chains than efficient purchasing. ERP systems have fundamental flaws that make it difficult to consistently improve processes by distributing relevant data across different modules.

ERP software is sometimes referred to as a company’s “central nervous system”. Our mission is to refine this central nervous system.

MiG fixes some of the fundamental flaws in ERP systems. It prepares data and information, visualizes it in a logical and structured way and delivers meaningful results!


MiG minimizes missing parts and streamlines the entire delivery process. The perfect solution to manufacturing problems!

In today’s manufacturing landscape, it is critical to deliver the right products at the right time. As the demands on supply chains continue to grow, MiG features complete solutions that efficiently solve manufacturing problems.

Our innovative technology not only optimizes delivery times, but also minimizes the risk of missing parts to guarantee timely deliveries.

MiG lets you plan and control every last detail of your production processes. By integrating advanced algorithms and data analysis mechanisms, we can identify potential bottlenecks at an early stage.

This enables the required materials to be supplied on time and also minimizes the risk of production downtime due to missing parts.

We would love to present „MiG“ to your company – with no obligations for you!

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Let us show you how MiG can optimize your business processes in the long term. Benefit from our extensive experience and expertise!

Read what our customers have to say about MiG and how our efficient supply chain management program is changing their structures!

“Since introducing MiG, we have been able to meet over 90% of our scheduled delivery deadlines. We have significantly improved the flow of information and streamlined our entire order handling process“

Marc Schwehm

Managing Director of KATEK Mauerstetten GmbH

„With the introduction of MiG, we have increased our adherence to delivery dates to over 90 per cent. Our information flow has improved considerably and the entire order processing is now much faster and simpler.

As soon as the product was first presented to us, it was clear that Perzeptron perfectly understood the challenges and processes involved in purchasing and material flow, as well as the ins and outs of the industry”.“

Jan Oliver Kammesheidt

Site Manager at ROSE Systemtechnik GmbH

“Three locations, one database: MiG has given us a much better overview of our orders and material supply!”


Andrè Hederer

Project Manager at Simeto Kabelsysteme GmbH

“Thanks to the support of Andreas Koch and MiG, we are able to optimally adjust the flow of materials at micronex to meet our customers’ needs and processes.

What sets Perzeptron apart is its process support to help companies help themselves”.

Torsten Bethke

Managing Director of micronex GmbH

Supply chain optimization for industrial manufacturing companies!

We plan our own success stories!
Here are some of our oldest and newest customers:

Software für das supply chain management bei GMK

Sustainable optimization of business processes and materials management!

  • Potential solutions:
    As an efficient supply chain management program, MiG not only highlights problems, but also suggests solutions. Does your production planning reveal missing parts? Are your confirmed delivery dates pending? Or can you no longer meet your delivery dates at all?
  • Database connections to suppliers:
    MiG bietet MiG provides database connections to major suppliers of electronic components (e.g. ARROW, AVENT, Future, Rutronik). You can view stocks and prices for released items and potential alternatives at the touch of a button – and you can act immediately to stay on track with your delivery dates.
  • Greater adherence to delivery dates:
    MiG improves your quality control and increases the productivity of your administrative processes, resulting in greater adherence to deadlines and a more competitive business. Our efficient supply chain management program helps to minimize risks in materials management, ensuring the long-term financial stability of your company.


The quest for order clarity

Having clear objectives for your orders gives you a comprehensive overview, minimizes misunderstandings and ensures efficient order handling.

Detailed overview

The delivery overview provides a clear summary of your delivery items, minimizes queries about production status and increases adherence to delivery dates through optimized processes.

Optimized use of capital

By managing their financial resources in a more targeted manner to optimize the use of capital, businesses can strive to use their funds more efficiently, minimizing their need for capital and meeting their operational requirements.

MiG cost efficiency

MiG optimizes business processes, enabling companies to use their resources efficiently and cut costs. This leads to a general increase in their cost-effectiveness through cost management and controlling.

Seamless integration into your ERP system for immediate use and instant results!

MiG can be quickly and easily integrated into your existing ERP system without any risks. This can be done behind your firewall in the intranet or in the cloud.

Your whole team will be able to quickly see which orders can be delivered or produced, which bottlenecks are standing in the way of pending production orders, and which level of priority is assigned to each order. All information related to orders is communicated via MiG, which will have a noticeably positive effect on your communications by freeing up your email inbox.

Seamless integration into all ERP systems

MiG is fully compatible with all ERP systems, which means it can be easily and effortlessly implemented in your company.

Browser-based and intuitive

MiG is pretty much self-explanatory. You can use it in your browser and change your displays and settings at any time.

Local or cloud-based

It’s up to you where you operate our supply chain management software. MiG is compatible as a local installation or integrated into your cloud!

Developed in Germany

In every stage of its development, MiG was and continues to be designed, programed and implemented in Germany.