Perzeptron is shaping the future with effective supply chain solutions!

With decades of experience and a deep understanding of the challenges involved in handling customer and production orders, we are passionate about supporting our customers in their development.

In addition to reducing tied-up capital, analyzing efficiency and offering our MiG software add-on, we also specialize in the following fields:

  • Process and solution development (consulting)
  • Services (costing and purchasing services)
  • Training and coaching (by arrangement)
  • Interim management (please inquire if interested)
  • Optimize your warehousing with MiG

We look forward to laying the foundations for a successful, long-term partnership with your company. We will always strive to meet your individual requirements with the greatest care and commitment.

Optimize your warehousing: Reduce your tied-up capital!

Our aims and aspirations!

Customer centricity

We live by the philosophy that all our efforts are aimed at understanding and meeting the specific needs and expectations of our customers. We structure supply chains to ensure optimal customer satisfaction. Let us start with optimisation of your warehousing

Agility and adaptability

We focus on flexibility and adaptability in line with rapidly changing market conditions. This means structuring supply chains to respond to real-time data and adapt to new demands.

Real-time visibility and data transparency

We believe that real-time visibility and complete data transparency are critical factors in supply chain optimization. This includes implementing advanced analysis systems (Effizienzanalyse) and high-performance software (ERP Add-on „MiG“).

Staff commitment and training

We are convinced that well-trained, committed employees have a crucial impact on supply chain efficiency. That’s why it is essential to train and actively involve employees.



Costing service

Are you currently battling a lack of resources or seeing a spike in inquiries? Can you not process your inquiries fast enough? Or are you interested in a second opinion?

We would be more than happy to offer you temporary or long-term support in the quotation process by taking care of your material costing.

Purchasing service

This is another area where we have extensive experience. We can provide you with on-demand support without any lead time.

Benefit from our professional purchasing service. We will be there for you whenever you need us, providing efficient support and advice in all things procurement.


We can provide you with our consulting services to take your business to the next level.

We can make a valuable contribution to finding solutions in a wide range of areas – from sales and production planning to purchasing and production control.

Training and coaching for purchasing staff

Can you see potential for development in your employees but don’t have the time or resources to train them yourself?

We offer professional coaching solutions and support to boost the personal development of your purchasing staff.

Just ask us for a personal offer!

Order Confirmation Control (OCC) module

Gone are the days where you have to manually check order confirmations and depend on your resources. Your order confirmations will be checked simultaneously for an instant impact on your business.

Thanks to the software-based control of supplier order confirmations, you will no longer be dependent on available resources.

MiGStockDB: a powerful database

In every difficult procurement period (allocation), our customers spend lots of money on brokered goods. At the same time, each of our customers has goods in stock that they no longer need.

We provide the market with an online platform where excess stocks can be uploaded for sale, which our customers can then access via our efficient supply chain program (MiG). This helps to optimize inventory levels.

Aim of our costing service

The aim of our costing service is to provide companies with flexible, needs-based support in determining their specific material costs and pricing with a sufficient degree of accuracy.

To do this, we use a special piece of software and reinvest the time saved in optimizing the material costing process. This enables companies to submit competitive offers on time.

Aim of our purchasing service

The aim of our purchasing service is to provide companies with efficient and constructive support in procuring goods and services.

Depending on each customer’s needs, this includes supplier identification, inquiries, offer evaluations, renegotiations and even order handling.

This service helps to ensure the availability of the necessary resources.

Aim of our in-depth consulting service

Our consulting service is all about supporting organizations in their development.

Not all issues are new, and we offer proven experience and solutions. We analyze business processes, develop tailored solutions, boost efficiency, offer change management and assist companies in implementing new strategies.

Aim of our training and coaching for purchasing staff

The coaching offered as part of our purchasing training aims to specifically promote the development of prospective purchasing staff. By providing our course participants with individual support and specialist knowledge in a practical setting, we help to strengthen their purchasing skills.

The aim of our coaching is to foster a strategic mindset, negotiation skills and effective purchasing strategies. Those attending our training courses are empowered to operate successfully in the complex world of purchasing and to make a lasting contribution to their company’s success.

Aim of the Order Confirmation Control (OCC) module

The OCC module is an efficient, automated mechanism for checking order confirmations. The targeted check ensures that order confirmations reflect the agreed terms and conditions.

This minimizes errors in order handling, creates transparency and ensures that the information contained in order confirmations can be taken into consideration as quickly as possible.

This means that the OCC module helps to optimize the procurement process, identify any discrepancies at an early stage and boost the efficiency of the entire order handling process.

Aim of the powerful MiGStockDB database: inventory optimization

The MiGStockDB database is a simple and fair way to sell excess stocks. The main aim is to align supply and demand via MiG in such a way that brokers are no longer needed and costs are not increased by brokerage markups.

Excess stocks can be manually uploaded to the MiGStockDB, and MiG users can see them by running an availability check. In the future, MiG will permanently analyze excess stocks with the option of transferring them to the MiGStockDB at the push of a button.

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Das sind unsere Kunden
Llagerhaltung optimieren - auch bei Katek
MiG offers huge potential for optimizing order handling. We are converting our stocks into sales more quickly. This has allowed us to reduce our tied-up capital. Perzeptron understands every last part of the process. Together we have adapted MiG to our needs to drive digital transformation at KATEK.

Marc Schwehm

Managing Director KATEK Mauerstetten GmbH

Eckelmann AG has trusted Andreas Koch and Markus Renner for over a decade. In that time, we have completed a whole range of successful projects in the areas of materials management and controlling.

Dr.-Ing. Gerd Eckelmann

Chief Executive Officer Eckelmann AG, Wiesbaden

Perzeptron has been offering us reliable advice for the past 18 years. We are thrilled with the results we have achieved together so far. Perzeptron has been a source of inspiration in many areas, especially in purchasing and materials management, initiating several processes that we have successfully developed further. This means that we can provide our customers in the microelectronics sector with serially produced products – even in small batches – in a more timely and cost-effective manner.

Michael Mitezki

Managing Director PHYTEC Messtechnik GmbH

Heli Transair is a leading aviation service provider with a large portfolio. Our company trains helicopter pilots at its Egelsbach headquarters and at other locations, operates passenger and cargo flights, and organizes tailored events. Markus Renner has been working as a consultant for Heli Transair for many years. In cooperation with managing director Dirk Herr and secretary Susanne Herr, he is responsible for controlling / quality management, and safety and compliance.

Managing Director Dirk Herr

Heli Transair European Air Services GmbH

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KATEK introduces MiG software tool to optimize order handling

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