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In a world where fast and precise supply chains are critical to a successful business, we are proud to present “Perzeptron Insights”, a blog on supply chain optimization with tips and strategies to optimize your own supply chain and use our knowledge.


What you will find here:

Your supply chain experts

Your supply chain experts

Perzeptron GmbH has established itself as a supply chain expert with almost 30 years of experience and specialist knowledge in the structuring, optimization and management of supply chains. Over the years, the company has gained in-depth insights into changing...

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Learn how to optimize your supply chain with expert insights and proven strategies!

Opportunities don’t just present themselves. You have to put structures in place to create them.

Welcome to “Perzeptron Insights”, a blog that takes a closer look at supply chain optimization. We share our in-depth knowledge and insights to help streamline supply chain processes for companies in all industries such as the automotive sector, medical technology, aerospace, mechanical engineering and the military.

Our articles and blog posts are written by experts, including Markus Renner and Andreas Koch, who both have more than 30 years of experience in the electronics industry and have been advising manufacturing companies for almost 25 years.

We look at key areas such as controlling, innovative technologies and proven strategies to deliver valuable insights for you to optimize your supply chain..

Learn how implementing MiG (our method / tool / technology) and attending our workshops can revolutionize your business. Explore our inspiring case studies, practical tips and the latest cutting-edge developments in supply chain optimization. Follow our blog and streamline your company’s supply chain to make it fit for the future.

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Learn how to measure planning security and planning quality in your business!

Optimize and streamline your supply chain for long-term business success!

If you’re struggling with below-par KPIs such as low delivery performance, high amounts of tied-up capital, long lead times or excessive workloads, we can offer you insights into the causes as well as effective methods for improvement.

In our workshops, we examine cause-and-effect relationships and provide effective approaches for companies to improve their conditions and processes in the long term. Take the opportunity to overcome these challenges by attending a customized workshop with our experienced speakers.