The transparency of your data is the key to your efficiency!

Streamline your order handling and reduce your tied-up capital. Stand out from the competition. Specialists in supply chain optimization!


Are you looking for ways to reduce your tied-up capital?

Do you realize the power of your data? Get a completely new perspective!

Order clarity is the key to high supply chain efficiency! But you can’t achieve transparency by simply creating, updating and comparing Excel spreadsheets. You need innovative solutions.

Many manufacturing companies are constantly affected by missing parts for their production orders, uncertain delivery dates and time-consuming coordination efforts.
Optimize your processes to boost efficiency, reduce tied-up capital and increase customer and employee satisfaction. Learn more about how you can optimize your entire supply chain! Find ways to reduce your tied-up capital.

Create planning security and make your business more competitive! If you want to achieve this goal, all your data needs to be transparent and utilized to its full potential.

We know how it’s done. We can find ways to reduce your tied-up capital.

reduce your tied-up capital

We deliver. You profit!
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Software für das supply chain management bei GMK

Do you want to optimize the KPIs that are critical to your company’s success to ensure sustainable and efficient performance?

Kostensenkung in der Elektronik

Our efficiency analysis produces hard facts to make your planning quality measurable!

Knowing is always better than guessing! Our efficiency analysis will reveal the impressive power of your data and unlock unimaginable potential in your processes.

Use our analysis to gain in-depth insights into your processes and discover hidden potential. If you want to ensure consistent success for your business, you have to make full use of your operational capacities. We reduce costs in the electronics and manufacturing industries.

Are you looking to improve your order clarity and optimize your business processes?

We can measure your planning quality and planning security!

By identifying specific planning flaws and errors in production planning and purchasing at an early stage, you will be able to meet customer deadlines and purchase materials as required. You will also find clear ways to reduce your tied-up capital.

Reduce tied-up capital

& and improve planning quality

Reliable and consistent planning helps to avoid mistakes and queries. Let your employees focus on more value-adding activities. Work more effectively, use resources more efficiently and increase your employee satisfaction.

Increase efficiency

&and create order clarity

You can meet your deadlines more effectively by working proactively and permanently eliminating business disruptions with standardized methods. Wave goodbye to emergency measures and additional workload.

Avoid crisis mode

& and increase planning security

Increase your planning quality to create more accurate schedules and prevent crises and emergencies from occurring in the first place. Carry out your orders and projects with more certainty.

Avoid missing parts

& and boost delivery performance

Specialists in supply chain optimization

Increase your competitiveness with our services!

Efficiency analysis
We can measure and analyze disruptions in your company to gauge your planning quality

Our ERP add-on increases transparency, efficiency and security in production planning

Learn all the basics to improve your adherence to deadlines, reduce your tied-up capital and run a more successful business

Use our free platform to sell excess stocks without a broker

Order Confirmation Control
Our fully automated software tool can check all your order confirmations

Consulting and services
Explore our full portfolio, from quotation and purchasing services to process consulting
Bild von: KATEK nutzt das ERP Add-on MiG

The ultimate add-on for maximum productivity and timely deliveries with no additional effort!

Don’t know MiG?
In short: “MiG visualizes customer and production orders in detail, highlights need for action, offers risk-free compatibility with any ERP system and delivers instant results in your supply chain, immediate improvements in planning quality and reductions in workload”. And all of this can be achieved with minimal effort!

Let us show you how MiG can significantly and sustainably improve your processes to give you greater planning security and make your company fit for the future. With powerful dashboards such as the Capital Control Cockpit, Stock Valuation Analysis and Customer View, you can get a comprehensive overview to maximize your performance and make informed decisions based on reliable data.

Planning security should be one of your company’s core competencies! MiG maximizes the transparency of your data!
Start acting instead of reacting!

  • MiG shortens order lead times
  • MiG helps to meet deadlines
  • MiG reduces missing parts
  • MiG optimizes production planning and control
  • MiG makes it possible to reduce tied-up capital
  • MiG is way more than just an “option”

Significantly reduce your workload and costs in the electronics and manufacturing industries!

Our new OCC module:
Fully automated verification of order confirmations!

Manually checking order confirmations is a waste of time – stop depending on limited resources! Our system enables order confirmations to be checked simultaneously and makes any discrepancies instantly visible. Increase your efficiency and focus on rectifying discrepancies.

Our solution offers clear added value by automating order confirmation checks and removing resource dependencies. This not only save lots of time, but also relieves your employees of repetitive tasks.

The fully automated verification of all order confirmations also guarantees greater accuracy and minimizes the risk of errors, improving your overall performance and building trust in your workflows.

Trust in the expertise of Perzeptron GmbH and let us optimize the efficiency and performance of your company together.