Supply chain efficiency analysis

A highly indicative ECG for your supply chain – your planning quality is measurable!

Our efficiency analysis examines your planning quality in relation to your customer orders. It scans your business processes and supply chain for quantitative and value-based KPIs that can be used to evaluate your planning security and show exactly where your sales are at risk and where poor planning is leading to errors that will have to be rectified in the future if not in the short term.

This strategic approach minimizes risks and ensures long-term planning security in your business.

  • A proactive method to…

  • identify planning errors

  • correct planning errors

  • ensure planning security

  • meet deadlines

  • impress your customers

By consistently identifying any weak points and errors in your planning, you can make a lasting improvement to your planning quality for all production orders. The precision gained in your production planning will help you make reliable and resilient plans to meet your purchasing demands.

This will help you reduce the number of missing parts in purchasing, resulting in greater planning security in production. Let’s make missing parts a thing of the past.

  • Improve planning quality
  • Increase planning security
  • Reduce missing parts
  • Avoid escalations
  • Boost delivery performance
  • Reduce tied-up capital
By improving your planning quality, you can provide your purchasing department with reliable demand figures. This will help you keep track of your orders and increase your efficiency. By reducing missing parts, you can create a better environment for your production planning and control. You can measurably increase your supply chain efficiency through targeted planning.

By taking the workload off your purchasing specialists, you can give them the freedom to focus on more value-adding activities such as price reductions and supplier management.

  • Identify disruptions at an early stage
  • Ensure material supplies to meet your demands
  • Avoid missing parts
  • Reduce prices
  • Reduce tied-up capital
 Effizienzanalyse und supply chain

Comprehensive assessment of your detailed planning to work out your current planning security!

Our supply chain ECG focuses on your KPIs (e.g. planning accuracy in sales, production and purchasing) to evaluate the overall condition and efficiency of your internal supply chain.

  • Added value of our efficiency analysis:
    Identification of weak links in your supply chain
  • Targeted optimizations:
    Specific measures to improve operational performance
  • Excellent planning quality:
    Future improvements for the benefit of your customers

Our efficiency analysis gets to the root of the problem!

Our new and groundbreaking efficiency analysis goes far beyond traditional approaches by not only uncovering superficial deficiencies, but also identifying the root cause of inefficient processes. Trust in our expertise to optimize your entire supply chain in the long term. We provide solutions to overcome current challenges and lay robust foundations to ensure your future success.

By closely interlinking all KPIs involved in internal supply chains, we ensure seamless integration and effective control. Contact us today to optimize your supply chain management and permanently eliminate the causes of inefficiencies!

Data in focus, efficiency on hold? Our analysis can free up your resources!

Learn more about our efficiency analysis. If you are looking to optimize your business, here are some answers to all the important questions. Get a clear overview of your business processes and take targeted measures to improve your company in the long term!


Why is efficiency analysis important for my business?


Our efficiency analysis can make an important contribution to your business by offering a comprehensive overview of your planning quality.

By identifying incorrect and inconsistent planning, you can sustainably reduce your business costs while increasing your overall performance in a targeted manner. This will help to optimize your use of resources and make you more competitive.


Which areas are covered by efficiency analysis?


Our analysis focuses on sales, production and purchasing. The values for these areas are determined in 4 time ranges to reflect different levels of urgency.

The aim is to identify weak points and make targeted suggestions to optimize the efficiency and performance of your supply chain.


How long does it take for visible improvements to emerge as a result of efficiency analysis?


The time it takes for visible improvements to emerge after efficiency analysis may vary depending on each company’s specific situation. As a general rule, however, the first positive developments can be noted as soon as the recommended optimization measures have been implemented.

The time-frame also depends on the complexity of the challenges identified and the speed with which the recommended solutions are implemented.

In the best-case scenario, our customers can see clear improvements in their planning security after 3 months!


Can small companies benefit from efficiency analysis just as large companies do?


Our efficiency analysis can have a significant impact on companies of all shapes and sizes. We take a standardized approach that can be tailored to each company’s specific needs, regardless of its size.

This means that we can provide all businesses with specific recommendations to boost their operational efficiency. At the same time, large companies can use our analysis to optimize complex processes and stand out from the competition.


Is efficiency analysis a worthwhile investment for my business?


Absolutely! Our efficiency analysis is not only cost-effective – it also requires little effort compared to other forms of analysis.

Thanks to our special technology and individualized approach, you will be able to make significant savings in a short space of time while optimizing your business processes. In other words, investing in efficiency analysis will quickly pay off from both a financial and operational perspective.


What makes efficiency analysis different from other forms of analysis on the market?


Our analysis is unique!

It shows specific planning errors and their impact and suggests precise starting points to improve your order flow. It also provides specific recommendations to optimize your processes in order to reduce your costs while significantly improving the overall performance of your supply chain.

Let us analyze your planning security! Let us guarantee your planning quality!

Take a critical look at your processes and realize your true potential. Let us show you how!

Our comprehensive efficiency analysis will evaluate your planning security down to the last detail!

Planning security means planning quality! The key to a successful business!

Many manufacturing companies are faced with a number of daily challenges, including excessive missing parts, poor delivery performance and recurring crisis situations.

Our customized solutions can help pave the way to more efficient and stable production processes, allowing you to successfully overcome these challenges. Don’t leave this situation to chance. Make a change through targeted action. Your problems can be solved!

Who needs efficiency analysis?
Based on our experience, we can say…

Careful analysis is an absolute must for every manufacturing company that works with BOMs!
Why? To work out the potential for improvement within your organization!

It is absolutely crucial to examine and evaluate your business processes, the use of your resources and the processes involved in your BOM-based production in detail, in order to not only identify potential bottlenecks and inefficiencies, but also to lay the foundations for continuous improvement.

Our comprehensive analysis is exactly what your business needs to optimize its operating conditions and pave the way to long-term success. Our newly developed efficiency analysis has just hit the market! All of Perzeptron’s unique expertise flowed into the solution, making it more precise and effective than other products. See the difference and optimize your company with our innovative analysis method.



  • Discover the theory and practice behind our efficiency analysis
  • Find out more about the core elements of our efficiency analysis
  • Collect and interpret accurate, relevant data to gain deeper insights


  • Learn about the cause-effect principles in your internal supply chain
  • Decipher the cause-effect principles and develop solutions to identify bottlenecks


  • Find out how your KPIs are affected by different factors
  • Implement suitable KPIs and monitor the progress of your efficiency measures

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