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In today’s globalized business world, it’s crucial for companies to constantly optimize their supply chain if they want to be successful.

Perzeptron GmbH is passionate about continuously improving these critical business processes.

Our supply chain optimization experts will ensure a successful future for your company!

Perzeptron GmbH is leading the way in supply chain optimization with a wealth of experience in various industries such as the automotive sector, medical technology, aerospace, mechanical engineering and the military.

Perzeptron GmbH’s optimization strategies are not only an investment in your company’s efficiency – they will also make it fit for the future. With increased agility and resilience, you will be better equipped to react to changes on the market.

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KATEK introduces MiG software tool to optimize order handling

KATEK introduces MiG software tool to optimize order handling

Transformation of order handling KATEK uses MiG ERP add-on KATEK, one of the leading EMS companies in Germany, has been using Perzeptron’s MiG software at its location in Mauerstetten for around two years to optimize its order handling and materials management. The...