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KATEK introduces MiG software tool to optimize order handling


Transformation of order handling

KATEK uses MiG ERP add-on

KATEK, one of the leading EMS companies in Germany, has been using Perzeptron’s MiG software at its location in Mauerstetten for around two years to optimize its order handling and materials management. The tool is now set to be introduced at other KATEK Group locations following a pilot project intended to adapt and develop the software in line with specific requirements. KATEK and Perzeptron are also working on additional features designed to further increase transparency across the entire electronics production supply chain.

MiG is an add-on for ERP systems that processes data relating to the entire supply chain and materials management and visualizes it in work menus and dashboards for different departments and users, who can then see the status of all production orders, priorities and required actions at a glance. All users have access to the same database. This avoids planning errors, reduces queries and creates planning security.

KATEK introduces MiG software tool to optimize order handling

Marc Schwehm, Managing Director of KATEK Mauerstetten GmbH, is pleased to be using MiG in his company:

„MiG offers huge potential for optimizing order handling. We are converting our stocks into sales more quickly. This has allowed us to reduce our tied-up capital. Perzeptron understands every last part of the process. Together we have adapted MiG to our needs to drive digital transformation at KATEK”

Margret Kessel, the project manager responsible for integrating MiG into the company’s processes, adds: “MiG is being used intensively in almost all departments – from production planning and purchasing to sales and management. We have even been working with Perzeptron to develop our own dashboards with specific information for each department. MiG has helped us optimize the management of missing parts and react more quickly to potential disruptions”.

Introduction of MiG

MiG started to be introduced two years ago with a dedicated project team and weekly coordination meetings between KATEK and Perzeptron. This cooperation resulted in a customized version of MiG developed just for KATEK. Following intensive testing at KATEK’s location in Mauerstetten, MiG has now been presented throughout the entire KATEK Group and has already been linked up to other locations. The tool is also being further developed to increase production order transparency right up to the customer.

Markus Renner, Managing Director of Perzeptron, says: “We are delighted to have established a partnership with KATEK, one of the most innovative electronics manufacturers in the industry. In cooperation with the company’s dynamic team, we will continue to unlock potential to optimize order handling, which will also help us take MiG to the next level”.

MiG can easily be integrated into existing ERP systems without any risks. It visualizes the status of customer and production orders and shows all the key data at a glance, including any need for action and order handling priorities. If companies are faced with material shortages, users can access live supply data from connected distributors via APIs to quickly get hold of the missing parts. Perzeptron has been providing consulting services for customers in the electronics industry for over 30 years. This practical experience has resulted in the development of its own software solution: MiG.

KATEK introduces MiG software tool

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