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Luminovo and Perzeptron support the entire electronics supply chain

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Luminovo and Perzeptron have joined forces to reduce complexity and increase efficiency in the electronics supply chain.

Efficiency and transparency: Luminovo and Perzeptron support the entire electronics supply chain in a dynamic market environment

Luminovo and Perzeptron have struck a partnership that will enable companies in the electronics industry to benefit from less complex and more efficient processes across the entire supply chain, streamlining quotation and procurement processes and making orders more transparent. Luminovo is a piece of software that helps users manage the complex tasks involved in monitoring, quoting and procuring PCBAs while streamlining BOM, circuit board and production management. In addition to ERP vendors, Luminovo also integrates distributors, suppliers, circuit board manufacturers and other technical partners seamlessly into its tool to reduce data silos and close communication gaps.

Once an order has been received, Perzeptron’s own software tool (MiG) organizes and visualizes the entire order handling process for all stakeholders. This means that sales employees can see the status of customer orders at a glance, production planners can identify which orders can be produced, and purchasing specialists can operate according to clear priorities and deadlines. Like Luminovo, MiG is connected to distributors and lifecycle management databases via APIs to ensure an all-round BOM view at all times throughout the entire supply chain. Luminovo and MiG complement each other perfectly to make existing, static ERP systems, which remain the central point for all important company data, fit for the dynamic supply chains of today.

Luminovo acts as an interface to customers and suppliers, importing clean data into the ERP system. Perzeptron builds on the ERP system and monitors the flow of materials into production and manufacturing. The tools simplify and speed up quotations and offers, as well as production orders and deliveries. They create order clarity and prevent planning errors while helping to reduce tied-up capital, meet deadlines and increase efficiency.

Luminovo and Perzeptron support the entire electronics supply

Luminovo and Perzeptron support the entire electronics supply

As part of the collaboration, Luminovo and Perzeptron regularly coordinate new, innovative features for both tools to provide their own customer base with sound information and even better support in digitalization projects. Perzeptron has been providing its renowned consulting, purchasing and quotation services in the electronics industry for over 20 years.

This means that Perzeptron can also help companies effectively integrate Luminovo into their business.“We have joined forces to present the industry with a collaborative service that frees companies from Excel-based processes and lets them take back control of the supply chain”, says Sebastian Schaal, Founder and Managing Director of Luminovo. “Our partners at Perzeptron ensure a seamless transition between our sales and procurement products and order processing. Perzeptron has tremendous expertise and an in-depth understanding of processes in the electronics industry. We can’t wait to see our customers benefit from our collaboration in the future”.

Markus Renner, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Perzeptron, says: “As the electronics industry continues to face major challenges, the efficiency of order handling has become a crucial factor. Luminovo is an incredibly dynamic company that offers a powerful tool for quotation and procurement processes. Integrating MiG enables companies to gain full control of the entire order handling process. Numerous reputable companies are already using both programs. Thanks to our collaboration, they can now benefit from the combined knowledge of both companies and seamless coordination in customer projects, giving them a real edge over the competition”.

About Luminovo
Luminovo is the co-pilot for the entire electronics supply chain, helping a whole range of companies – from designers and EMS providers to circuit board manufacturers and distributors – to quickly and efficiently take electronics products from design to series production. Luminovo’s software is powered by AI, automation, collaboration and data security, featuring specific modules used to monitor supply chain risks, costs, availability and compliance, and helping teams collaborate with their customers and suppliers on the pricing and procurement of components, circuit boards and manufacturing processes. You can find more information on Luminovo’s website.

About Perzeptron
Perzeptron GmbH, based in Eschborn / Frankfurt, has been advising manufacturing companies on how to optimize their internal supply chain for over 30 years, specializing in process optimization in the electronics industry. This practical experience has resulted in the development of its own software solution, MiG, which creates planning security and helps to identify and correct planning errors. MiG helps all manufacturing companies to increase their productivity, meet deadlines, avoid missing parts and reduce their tied-up capital.

The transparency of your data is the key to your efficiency. Our efficiency analysis produces hard facts to make your planning quality visible!

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The transparency of your data is the key to your efficiency! Our efficiency analysis creates facts – your planning quality becomes visible!


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