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Perzeptron launches its MiGStockDB

“The electronics industry has to stick together right now”, say Andreas Koch and Markus Renner, managing directors of the Perzeptron consulting firm. That’s why they have developed the MiGStockDB (mig stock database), a free platform where electronics manufacturers can offer excess stocks and unused components. A+B Electronic, Eckelmann, PHYTEC and other companies in the industry have already pledged their support and uploaded components for sale. Perzeptron is now calling on other companies to get involved.

In a landscape marked by supply shortages and rationing of customer orders, electronics manufacturers are facing a number of purchasing difficulties. Precious time and money are wasted on the procurement of components that are hard to come by – and customers are left dissatisfied by late deliveries. At the same time, companies have lots of capital tied up in stocks that have accumulated due to large packaging units, unrealized production orders or other factors.

„>Both of these challenges are addressed by the MiGStockDB from Perzeptron. Unused components are recorded in the database and offered for sale. After running an availability check in the MiG software tool, prospective buyers can contact the seller directly.

Critical components at a glance – and alternative procurement in just one click

MiG is a solution that can be integrated into existing ERP systems, providing a highly transparent, company-wide overview of customer and production orders, purchasing situations and stock levels via dashboards for purchasing, production planning, sales and management. A fully automated availability check for components was introduced in Version 4.00, allowing users to see which component might prevent a production order from being completed on time.

In just a few clicks, companies can find alternative procurement points for the critical component, including prices and quantities. In addition to authenticated, direct connections to renowned distributors, the tool also features direct links to catalog distributors such as DigiKey, Farnell and Mouser. MiG also offers access to anonymous Internet search results, for example from Octopart. And now components from the MiGStockDB are also displayed.

Free 3-month trial for ERP add-on!

The latest MiG update (Version 4.04) will be rolled out to existing customers over the coming weeks. Companies that want to sell their excess stocks but don’t yet have a MiG license can request a free 3-month trial version of the smart ERP tool – including integration into their ERP system. This will open up access to the availability check and other software features. MiG can be integrated easily and without risk, which means it can be used in no time at all – by regular employees and decision-makers alike.

Mig stock database: Register and upload components in just a few steps

You can register and upload component data via the MiGStockDB online portal in just a few steps. Once your account has been activated, you will be able to download an Excel template to prepare your component data for entry in the database. The data can then also be uploaded via the website.

When registering sellers, Perzeptron makes sure that no traders or brokers use the tool. “We provide the MiGStockDB free of charge to promote solidarity in the electronics industry – this is needed more than ever before. We want to avoid the unfair profit mark-ups that some traders around the world use to exploit electronics manufacturers facing component shortages”, say Andreas Koch and Markus Renner. That’s why they ask all participating companies to set their prices moderately to cover their expenses and with only small, reasonable margins.

Testimonials from participating companies:

“All manufacturing companies are affected by the current shortage of components. It’s important for SMEs to stick together in this situation. The MiGStockDB was conceived in a conversation between Perzeptron and PHYTEC. We were pleased to see the idea implemented so quickly”.
Dagmar Sünner, Head of Purchasing
PHYTEC Messtechnik GmbH

A+B Electronic:
“The MiGStockDB is a fair platform for exchanging unused components in the electronics industry – buyers and sellers can benefit in equal measure. That’s why we immediately pledged our support at A+B Electronic”.
Sven Kapmeyer, Commercial Manager
Assmy & Böttger Electronic GmbH

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